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FAQs - Embed Google Map

How to Add Google Map in Your Website?

  • Enter your company name or address in the enter your address field.
  • It shall automatically show you suggestions of places. Choose one of those.
  • If you are unable to see any suggestions if you type your exact address, please choose a place close to your address. The map will automatically narrow down to your selected area. Now click on your exact location in the map.
  • You can use the settings box to choose between normal and satellite view, adjust map zoom and change the width & height of the map.
  • Adjust the width & height so that the map fits correctly on your website.
  • Click on Preview Map to check your map. If you like it, click on the Get Code button.
  • Your customized HTML code is now displayed to you in the same window.
  • Simply copy te code and paste it on your website where you want the map to appear.
  • Save the changes you made and check your website for the map.
  • That's all you gotta do!

Is Embed Google Maps for free? Do I need an API?

It's free and you don't need a Google API. It works without API. Just copy the code after clicking the "Get the HTML Code" button and paste it to your website.

Can You Embed Google Maps into Website?

Absolutely, this is exactly why we have developed this tool. Using the code you generate here, you can embed Google Maps on your website.

Does it Work on All Websites?

Absolutely! Our code is platform independent and works on all websites.

Does it Work on WordPress?

Yes, it works on all WordPress sites.

Does it Work on Drupal?

Yes, it works on all websites based on the Drupal platform.

Does it Work on Shopify?

Yes, it works on Shopify-based stores as well.